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Turning Point AV is a full-service, nationwide, audio visual provider.  We provide the audio visual equipment and labor for conferences that occur throughout the US. 

Brighten up you presentations with stage lighting

Stage lighting rental services brighten up any presentation.  With LED lighting rental services, our stage lighting is lite on the environment as well!

Stage Lighting

Whether you are rigging or using ground supported lighting, Turning Point AV will ensure our wide selection of LED lighting will light up your stage and presenters!

LED Ellipsoidal

Turning Point AV has an extensive selection of Chauvet Ovation LED Ellipsoidal instruments in our lighting inventory.  With a variety of lenses, these lights are versatile and perfect for multiple applications.  They are the perfect lighting solution for lighting a stage, projecting gobos or highlighting a display.  We offer 26 and 36 degree lenses which are great for washing a large area with light and 19, 10 and 5 degree lenses that offer a more directed beam.  These are perfect for a “spotlight” effect, or for longer distance applications. 

Our LED ellipsoidal lights can be mounted on light trees for a ground supported lighting solutions, or rigged on truss for a larger applications.

What’s more, our LED ellipsoidal lights have a low power consumption versus conventional fixtures.  With Neutrik powerCON cabling, these lights can be daisy chained together so you can run multiple fixtures off a single circuit.  They offer 19 (warm white) 10 W (2.8 A) LEDs with 50,000 hours of life- much longer than conventional ellipsoidal instruments- a 16-bit virtual dimming engine for smooth fades and it delivers a white light with a color temperature of 2,960K and a flat field of light. 

LED Pars

With a large supply of LED pars in our lighting inventory, Turning Point AV has the solution for your décor lighting, up-lighting and wall wash needs.  We carry the lightweight, easy to use Chauvet Slim Par 56 for lager applications and the equally user-friendly Venue Lighting ThinPar 38 for smaller uses.  Both models can be connected to a lighting board for DXM control or can stand alone.  With the ability to daisy-chain power supplies, these small (2” profile) but mighty lights consume very little power. 

With great features like built-in sound activated programs via master/slave or DMX, color mixing with or without DMX and pulse effects, these lights are a perfect addition to a meeting, awards ceremony or dinner.

LED Moving Head Lights

If you’re looking to add an element of excitement to your event, LED moving head lights are the perfect solution.  Like the other lights in our lighting inventory, our moving head lights are ultra-economic LED fixtures.  This means low power consumption without losing any brightness. 

Our LED moving head lights by Chauvet offer multiple color options, rotating gobos and pan and tilt features.  They offer precise motion, super smooth dimming and adjustable strobe speeds.  These lights are a great for general sessions and large gatherings. 


Stage Lighting Options

  • Chauvet Ovation Ellipsoidal (5, 10, 19, 26 or 36 Degree)
  • Chauvet Sim Par 56 LED Par Can/ Venue Thin Par 38 LED Par Can
  • Chauvet Intimidator 150 LED Moving Head Light
  • Chauvet Intimidator 350 LED Moving Head Light
  • American DJ DMX Operator Controller Light Board
  • Chauvet Obey DMX Operator Controller Light Board
  • Medium Duty Crank-up Light Trees with Cross Bars
  • Lightweight Truss Light Trees