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Turning Point AV is a full-service, nationwide, audio visual provider.  We provide the audio visual equipment and labor for conferences that occur throughout the US. 

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Turning Point AV's process makes AV easy

Turning Point AV's easy and seamless process for planning conference AV ensures event success every time!   Our AV process makes AV easy!

Our Process

STEP 1:  Contact one of our friendly sales managers. They will work with you on creating a custom audio visual proposal that meets all your requirements.

Contact us today to start planning the AV for your next event!

Contact us today to start planning the AV for your next event!

  • We are budget minded and customer focused. 
  • We recommend audio visual rental equipment, services and solutions to ensure your program is the best it can be at a cost you can afford.
  • Our all-inclusive proposals are designed around you – they are easy to understand, include renders and pictures, and we are always available to review, make changes, and additions anytime during the proposal process.

STEP 2:  We work closely with the venue in preparation for your audio visual program.

  • We coordinate with the venue on load in/out times, room sets, rig points and power drops.
  • We prepare meeting room diagrams, obtain all required permits, and submit insurance documentation.
  • We attend site visits to the event venue as needed.

STEP 3:  Our equipment, Technical Directors and Audio Visual Technicians arrive onsite.

  • Our Technical Director attends all precon meetings.
  • Our Technical Director coordinates set-ups with the venue staff and accommodates any changes as required.
  • Our technical team moves quickly and efficiently to set up the AV in all available meeting rooms.
  • Our Technical Director is available for walk-throughs and rehearsals.

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Our equipment is state-of-the-art, meticulously maintained and in perfect working order. Plus, we have all the extra equipment you need for additions, changes, and any other surprises.

STEP 4:  Ready, set, go!

  • All meeting rooms are set and ready to go one hour before the meeting start time.
  • Our technical team meets with presenters before their meeting begins.
  • During your meetings, our technical team is always right around the corner. If you or your presenters need anything at any time, you won’t have to go searching for assistance. Within minutes, we have responded and have taken care of your needs.
  • When it is time for your General Session, Awards Ceremony, or other large function, our technical team is in the room early, assisting presenters and we have the lights, projection, audio, and video ready to go well before your attendees make their entrance. 

STEP 5:  Post-Show Follow-up

  • Even though your program has come to an end, our partnership continues. We listen to your feedback, make recommendations for future programs, complete accurate and timely billing, and are ready to begin the planning for your next event!
  • We provide you with all conference content, such as edited video and audio recordings, slides, etc. in a fast, timely fashion.
  • Billing is fast and seamless;  we are able to split invoices and create multiple accounts as requested.

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