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Turning Point AV is a full-service, nationwide, audio visual provider.  We provide the audio visual equipment and labor for conferences that occur throughout the US. 

Provide continued learning with Turning Point AV's content capture service

Content capture service allows for your message to live beyond the conference dates.  Turning Point AV captures and packages all your content for future use.  

Video Capture and Streaming Services

While Turning Point AV believes there is no more powerful format to bring people together than live meetings, we also understand that gathering everyone in a single place is not always an option.  That’s why we offer multiple video capture and streaming solutions.

Streaming Video Solutions

Turning Point AV offers video streaming solutions that fit any viewing size.  Utilizing popular and powerful streaming platforms like Ustream and Wirecast and our professional HD video cameras and video broadcast suite, we mix video, master the audio and deliver seamless presentations to your virtual attendees no matter where they may be. 

Turning Point AV can also provide video conferencing services for your more demanding video conferences.  This includes programs with multiple camera switching, interactive two way conferencing with multiple end points and satellite uplinks and bridging services.

Video and Content Capture

Whether you’re posting content on your organization’s website or need to keep an internal video recording of your event, Turning Point AV provides unique video and content capture solutions. 

Slide and Audio Capture

Taking a direct feed from the presentation computer and the audio board, we capture the basics of your presentations in real time. The result is a video file that with all your slides and audio in perfect synchronicity.  These files are prefect for posting on line and sharing with other members of your team. 

Videotaping and Professional Editing Services

For more involved presentation capture, Turning Point AV offers several levels of professional videotaping and editing services.  From single camera, ISO recordings in breakout rooms to multi-camera shoots in general sessions, we produce high quality HD footage and produce an edited end product, complete with titles, captioning and slide insertion. 


Video Conferencing and Capture Services

·         Multiple camera video conferencing

·         Slide and audio capture and editing

·         Multi-camera video recording

·         Professional video editing services

·         Title insertion

·         In-video slide insertion

·         Video captioning services