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Turning Point AV is a full-service, nationwide, audio visual provider.  We provide the audio visual equipment and labor for conferences that occur throughout the US. 

Custom stage design options are endless with Turning Point AV

Turning Point AV provides an endless supply of custom stage design options.  From basic stretch fabric to custom-built hard sets, we make your vision come alive.  

Stage Design

Turning Point AV’s set designs will give you and your attendees a show to remember.  We customize our lighting, stage backgrounds, and scenic design options to your unique program, making each set design better than the last.  Whether we are designing for a general session, awards ceremony reception or grand opening, you can always count our lighting, stage backgrounds and scenic designs to set the mood, “wow” your attendees and keep them coming back for more.

Our creative team crafts your unique set design by following these easy steps:

  • Unlimited Options – Turning Point AV has unlimited options when creating your lighting, stage background and scenic designs for your program.  It is our job to communicate to you that the world is your oyster and that we can do pretty much anything you want or need!
  • Research – Communication is key to understanding your vision. By talking with you, we begin to understand the lighting, stage background, and scenic designs you have used in the past.  We view pictures and listen closely to the information and feedback you provide.  We ask specific questions about the look you envision for your upcoming program, view your conference art work and take into consideration the venue and city themes.
  • Budget Planning – We offer a range of lighting, stage backgrounds, and scenic designs to fit all budgets.  From simple pipe and drape and colored LED uplights for a professional, classic look to custom motion graphics on hanging 11’x19’ HD screens, Turning Point AV will create the look of your dreams at a cost you can afford.
  • Renders and Pictures – Turning Point AV provides you with custom renders and pictures of out proposed set design so you can visually see the look we are recommending.  We coordinate rig points with the venue and diagram the stage and room measurements accordingly, all to ensure our vision is communicated to you effectively and will be accurate when it comes to life.  And if you want to go back to the drawing board, we can do that, too!  Turning Point AV will work with you on your set design until you are 100% happy with the look. 
  • Onsite Execution – Because of our preplanning, including the research, budget consideration, and renders and pictures, by the time we set your lighting, stage backgrounds and scenic design, everything comes together with ease.  It’s a proud moment for all when the lights are dimmed and your set design comes to life.  And since it is the age of the selfie, we promise your attendees won’t be able to resist snapping and posting pics in front of your unique set.

Lighting, Stage Backgrounds, and Scenic Design Options

  • Decorative Truss
  • Acrylic Tiles
  • Hard stage background sets, including palm trees, Eiffel towers, roman columns, and many more
  • Acrylic Text
  • Cyc backdrop
  • Multi-Colored and Patterned Moving Lights
  • LED Podiums
  • Custom Gobos – Colored and Black & White
  • Breakout Pattern Gobos – Stars, Clouds, Water, and more


  • Pipe and Drape (in a variety of colors)
  • Multi-Colored LED Uplights
  • Spandex Stretch Fabric, including columns, sails, rectangles, and many other shapes
  • Spandex Forms, including circles, pillars, crescents, and many other shapes
  • LED Video Walls
  • Projection Blending and Mapping
  • Custom Designed Banners
  • Custom Designed Motion Graphics to be displayed on scenic screens or monitors

Velour Pipe and Drape

Pipe and drape is a cost effective, classic and elegant stage backdrop solution.  It can be lit with various colors, is a great background for photo ops and provides cover for unsightly walls. 

Spandex Stretch Fabric

Spandex stretch fabric offers a unique and versatile stage backdrop design option.  These forms are lightweight elastic and when stretched take on various, cool shapes:  triangles, circles, starbursts and more.  All of Turning Pont AV’s stretch fabric is a bright white which not only takes colored light brilliantly, but can be used as projection screens and for projection mapping.  Combining multiple shapes and sizes along with colored LED uplights will take your stage backdrop to the next level

Spandex Forms

Add drama to your stage backdrop with fabric forms.  Like our spandex stretch fabrics, our fabric forms come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  From large crescents to wave walls and towering pillars, the options for fabric forms are nearly limitless.  They are a perfect way to create a unique stage backdrop that your attendees are sure to remember. 

Custom Gobos

Custom gobos are a perfect way to make your mark on your stage backdrop.  Gobos allow for an image, pattern, or a logo to be projected using an LED stage light.  Turning Point AV provides gobos in black and white or full color.  You provide us with the artwork and we’ll do the rest!  Gobos are a great way to brand a stage backdrop at a corporate event or to celebrate the bride and groom on their special day!  

And Much, Much More…

With so many options for stage set design, it’s impossible to list them all!  Whether you’re interested in an LED podium, moving head lights or decorative truss, Turning Point AV has what you need to make your set design unique!  Contact us today to discuss these options, and more.