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Turning Point AV is a full-service, nationwide, audio visual provider.  We provide the audio visual equipment and labor for conferences that occur throughout the US. 

Turning Point AV provides full HD projection for meetings of all sizes

Turning Point AV provides full HD, 16:9 formatted projectors.  Whether you’re in a large general session with a multi-projector blend or a small breakout, we have the projector rental service for you. 

General Session and Large Venue Projection

Fast Fold Screens

For your medium to large projection needs, Turning Point AV has multiple fast fold screen options.  These large format screens are available with either front or rear projection surfaces.  All of our fast fold screens come with optional black dress kits- black velour curtains that drape around all sides of the screen.  These dress kits give your fast fold screen a clean, finished look and are a great addition to any fast fold projection screen.  Our fast fold screens are perfect for general sessions and large venue setups.   Our projection screen options come in standard (4:3) and high definition (16:9) format.  

Large Venue Projectors

As an exclusive Eiki International dealer, Turning Point AV has a large LCD projector inventory to fit your needs.  For your large venue programs we offer the ultra-bright, easy to navigate Eiki LC-HDT700 HD widescreen projector.  This bright 7,000 lumen projector is the workhorse of the AV world.  With full 1080p HD resolution (1920x108 native) the HDT700 offers brilliant color and a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.  With a variety of lenses available, this projector is perfect for large presentations, movie nights or art installations. 

Medium Venue Projectors

Our medium venue LCD projector inventory includes the highly versatile and popular Eiki LC-WUL100AL HD projector.  Like the LC-HDT700, this projector offers full 1080p HD resolution (1920x108 native).  It has an aspect ratio of 16:10 and 5,000 brilliant lumens.  We offer optional standard and short throw lenses for this projector which can accommodate most spaces.  The WUL100AL offers an affordable HD LCD projector option and is the preferred projection solution for medium/large association meetings and social events.


Meeting Room Projectors

Turning Point AV carries a wide selection of meeting room projectors including the Eiki LC-XNS2600 and LC-XS31.  These are our most popular LCD projector items.  They are compact, portable and easy to operate.  With 3,000 lumens of brightness, these projectors are the epitome of a big thing in a small package.  What’s more, all the projectors in our meeting room LCD projector inventory are 16:9 format compatible.  These versatile projectors have manually adjustable focus and zoom and as the name suggests, are great for meeting rooms and breakouts.  They are also a perfect, budget friendly option for meetings of all sizes. 

LCD Projector Accessories

Along with our inventory of projectors we offer a selection of LCD projector accessories to take your projector experience to a higher level, including signal distribution and switching. 



Fast Fold Screens for Large Venue and General Sessions

  • 7.5’x10’ DaLite Fast Fold Screen (4:3 Format) with Black Dress Kit - Front and Rear Screen Surfaces Available
  • 9’x12’ DaLite Fast Fold Screen (4:3 Format) with Black Dress Kit
  • 10’x17’ DaLiteFast Fold Screen (16:9 Format) with Black Dress Kit - Front and Rear Screen Surfaces Available
  • 11’x19’ DaLiteFast Fold Screen (16:9 Format) with Black Dress Kit - Front and Rear Screen Surfaces Available




Large Venue Projectors

  • Eiki LC-HDT700 HD widescreen projector
  • Short Throw Lens
  • Standard Throw Lens
  • Long Throw Lens





Medium Venue Projectors

  • Eiki LC-WUL100AL HD projector
  • Short Throw Lens
  • Standard Throw Lens
  • Long Throw Lens






Meeting Room Projectors

  • Eiki LC-XNS2600
  • Eiki LC-XS31







LCD Projector Accessories

  • Geffen VGA to Cat 5 Extenders
  • Extron VGA Distribution Amplifiers
  • Extron HDMI Distribution Amplifiers
  • Blackmagic Design 4K Production Switchers
  • Analog Way PLS300 Seamless Video Switcher
  • ATEN Seamless Matrix Switchers
  • Kanex 4x1 Video Switchers