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Turning Point AV is a full-service, nationwide, audio visual provider.  We provide the audio visual equipment and labor for conferences that occur throughout the US. 

Audio Visual Technicians

Turning Point AV’s expert onsite Technical Directors and Audio Visual Technicians are the best in the business, skilled at all aspects of event production.

Onsite Technical Team

Turning Point AV knows how to put on a show and thanks to our onsite Technical Directors and Audio Visual Technicians, we make each show the best.  Using state-of-the-art audio, video and lighting equipment, our technical team always exceeds your expectations and keeps your attendees coming back for more.
Turning Point AV’s expert onsite Technical Directors and Audio Visual Technicians are the best in the business, skilled at all aspects of event production. They are onsite during your entire event, ensuring that your program doesn’t miss a beat. Knowledgeable, friendly, and fast, our onsite technical team responds quickly to challenges, accommodating any changes and on-site additions. They ask the right questions and find solutions that fit. With our technical team running your show, you can expect a flawless event, every time.

Turning Point AV has the right people who make the right choices to ensure event success, every time!  Our Technical Directors and Audio Visual Technicians do it all!

  • Presentation management
  • Test and troubleshoot all equipment
  • Equipment recommendation and solutions for last minute needs, changes and accommodations.

  • Set up, operation, and strike of AV equipment
  • Presenter check-in
  • Coordination with venue, vendors and other meeting staff
  • Rehearsal and run-throughs


Our Technical Director is your onsite point of contact

Acting as the onsite team leader and your primary point of contact onsite, Turning Point AV’s Technical Directors are technical and customer service gurus.  They oversee our staff of excellent technicians to ensure your AV vision is completed as promised.  Our dynamic Technical Directors also work closely with the venue staff to coordinate room sets, stage sizes and meeting set up and strike times, ensuring that your meeting never skips a beat.  They are onsite, at your service, 24/7 during the length of your entire event, delivering optimum customer service to you, your attendees and presenters. 

At any given time during your conference, you will find our Technical Director managing all technical aspects of the show, including: technical labor, audio visual equipment, room sets, rehearsals, rigging, power drops, stage sets, and general session production.  And best of all, they do all this with a positive attitude and a smile!

Our Technical Directors oversees our onsite audio visual technicians and ensure we have the right audio visual experts for your program, including the following positions:

  • Lead Audio Operator: A1 and A2
  • Lead Video Operator: V1 and V2
  • Lead Lighting Operator: L1 and L2
  • Camera Operator
  • Breakout Supervisor
  • Breakout Floaters
  • Set/Strike Crews
  • Rigging Operators
  • And any other specialty positions your program may require

Turning Point AV’s technical team follows a simple process that ensures your event will run smoothly from beginning to end:

  • Early set-ups – Our technical team arrives onsite early to load in and set up.  We have each piece of equipment set, tested, and turned on, ensuring each meeting room ready to go by the time your presenters arrive.
  • Presenter check in – Our technical team checks in each presenter in each meeting room prior to their presentation.  We ensure they are mic’d, their presentation is on screen, and they are ready to go!
  • Fast Response Times – During your meeting, our technical team is always right around the corner.  If you or your presenters need anything at any time, you won’t have to go searching for assistance.  Within minutes, we have responded and taken care of your needs.
  • General Session Management – We understand that your general session often contains the most technical aspects of your meeting.  Our technical team is in the room for all rehearsals, ready to accommodate any changes or additions as required.  On show days, we are in the room early, assisting presenters and we have the lights, projection, audio, and video ready to go well before your attendees make their entrance. 

With Turning Point AV's technical team leading your show, rest assured you will receive the customer service and technical expertise that will help make your next event the best one yet!

We think one of our loyal clients said it best:

“The service you and your team provided during Insights was exceptional and something I have grown accustomed to from Turning Point AV.”  - Andy Neiman, Event Manager, DKI